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Superior Magazine: Her 70’s Show Aliane by Claudia Raymet

The type of editorial they didn’t need to use a black girl for but they did.


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These Honey-Soy-Lacquered Ribs are lookin’ mighty good right about now. #lunchdreams


These Honey-Soy-Lacquered Ribs are lookin’ mighty good right about now. #lunchdreams

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for all the air that’s in your lungs
for all the joy that is to come
for all the things that you’re alive to feel
just let the pain remind you hearts can heal

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Sculpture by Beth Stichter  ‘The Four Humors’

Sanguine :  Too much blood - Passionate, Bold,impulsive
Melancholic :Too much black bile - Depressed, anxious, moody Choleric : Too much yellow bile - Irritable, hostile, bitter
Phlegmatic : Too much phlegm - Passive, introverted, rational

  The Four Humors is a body of work spanning 2009-2010 which examines the history of scientifically categorizing human behavior, specifically the particular theory of understanding  human psychology invented by the Ancient Greeks.
“Essentially, this theory held that the human body was filled with four basic substances, called four humors, which are in balance when a person is healthy. All diseases and disabilities resulted from an excess or deficit of one of these four humors. The four humors were identified as black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood.
When a patient was suffering from a surplus or imbalance of one fluid, then his or her personality and physical health would be affected.”

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Beth Cavener Stichter & Alessandro Gallo Collaborate on Ornate Sculpture:‘Tangled Up in You’

Beth Cavener Stichter’s sculptures have an intensely-visceral quality. The ceramic animals she hand-builds demonstrate an human-like sense of understanding with their sensitive gazes and anthropomorphic eyes. But despite their thoughtful countenances, these characters are also perfectly at home in their animal skins. Cavener Stichter’s work does not shy away from the brutality of the animal world, from its untamed sexuality to its endless cycle of predator and prey.

She recently collaborated with Italian artist Alessandro Gallo , who embellished her latest sculpture, Tangled Up in You, with painted tattoos reminiscent of traditional Japanese tattoo art. The 65-inch-tall sculpture (15 feet total, from the top knot of the rope to the floor) shows a lanky rabbit intertwined with a snake in mid-air. It is unclear whether the two figures are caught in a struggle to the death or a passionate embrace. Tangled Up in You is currently on view at the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Take a look at some detail shots of the elaborate piece as well as some photos of Cavener Stichter in her studio.

A giant sculpture by Beth Cavener Stichter with tattoos designed and painted by Alessandro Gallo.

‘Tangled Up in You‘ is currently on view at the Milwaukee Museum of Art

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